Communal sauna (KOKORAMA)

The ideal option if you:

  • Want to try out the KOK-experience
  • Like to meet new people
  • Are booking for yourself or a small group of friends
  • Prefer to purchase individual tickets/seats

200 per person! 

A two hour session in a communal sauna by the harbor, where you can book single seats. Come by yourself or bring a couple of friends. A perfect opportunity to meet fellow sauna lovers and get a break from the outside world.

A refreshing break in an urban setting. At the sauna boat, our guests are greeted by a friendly sauna master and certified lifeguard. The sauna master will give you a brief introduction to the boat and its sauna, provide wood and water for the oven, and answer any questions you may have throughout your stay. 

All our sauna boats have a spacious dressing room with plenty of storage space for your belongings. They are also equipped with a stereo with Bluetooth connection and the possibilty to charge your devices. The saunas are Finnish and very efficient, so most people choose to enjoy a refreshing dip in the fjord after a while. This is, of course, optional, but very exhilarating and can provide health benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Only available in Holmsbu, Sandvika and Hamar at the moment.

Please read our FAQ if you have any questions.