Sauna for companies

Create a company agreement that will take off. And that makes for happy employees! Gather your colleagues in the sauna at a recurring time of the month, and see what it does to mood, energy and cohesion among the employees. A company that has an agreement for a regular sauna will be able to see positive ripple effects. If you want to test the sauna for the company once, you can book directly here.


Companies + saunas = happy employees

All types of companies, organizations and public employers use KOK, both as part of the health service and as a pleasant and inspiring gathering place.

The employees of our business customers report the joy and energy boost of having a sauna as a permanent asset. It has a unifying effect on teams, creates closer bonds and is a social activity that is also healthy. A company that offers healthy and unifying experiences for its employees can experience major positive ripple effects. Feel free to read this article (in Norwegian) about some of the health benefits of saunas – and contact us for a non-binding offer on a sauna for your company!

Company sauna subscription – in short

  • 2 saunas a month for a total of 20 employees to enjoy

  • 2 hours of sauna each time

  • Well-being, joy and community

  • Payment by invoice

  • 10% discount on sauna cruise and private sauna for the employees

  • NOK 3200.00 eks. mva per month

  • Environmentally certified, local company

Sound like something for you company? Amazing! Click the button below and fill in a non-binding form.