All our sauna masters are lifeguards, whom refreshes their certificate once a year. They are always present on or around the sauna boat during your stay to care for your safety and well-being. If you have any questions, you’d know who to ask!
Yes, you can! We recommend bringing simple snacks – consume bigger meals before or after your visit. All food must be kept out of the sauna, of hygienic reasons. As for beverages, you can bring all types except drinks with dark coloring (due to stains on our light wood work) or heavy alcoholics. Safety is of utmost importance, so we ask you to limit your alcohol intake. Our sauna masters will expel intoxicated people.
Swimwear, a towel to sit on in the sauna, a towel to dry up with and lots of water (more than you think is necessary)! During the winter, we recommend bringing a warm hat for the trip home.
There’s no toilet on our sauna boats, but all our locations can point you in the right direction of a toilet. Just ask your sauna master!
Yes, with the exception of drop-in days (KOKORAMA), the entire sauna must be booked in full. Due to Corona restrictions, our drop-in service is not available until further notice.
If you would like to change your reservation, we’re happy to help you as long as it is more than 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time. You can also transfer the booking to another name. Unfortunately we do not take cancellations, but you can change your booking up to one year in advance. Contact your KOK through the contact form on the main page, or though your confirmation email.