Imagine how great it is to be able to give a gift that both surprises, creates something to look forward to, and that you can experience together! A gift card for sauna at KOK is that kind og gift.

We have gift cards from NOK 250 to NOK 10,000 that can be used at PRIVATKOK, the private sauna, KOKCRUISE, the sauna boat on the fjord, or SHARED SAUNA in Oslo.

The card can cover part of a sum or the whole, and more.

If the recipient receives a gift card that covers more than the desired product, it is possible to use the same code several times within 365 days from the date of purchase.

The gift card for sauna is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Only 1 gift card can be used per booking, and it´s not possible to use several gift cards at once.

Fill in your details and come up with a code that contains numbers and letters. You will receive it by e-mail. And then you can write it on telegram, origami, a normal card, or just forward it.

Do you wish to buy more gift cards at the same time?

Giftcard KOK