Do you have drop-in or do we have to book in advance?

You can drop-in at the sauna every day at all locations. But to make sure you get a seat in a warm sauna, it pays to book in advance. Also, in the evenings and during week-ends it fills up quickly. The service some call drop-in, where you buy individual places in the sauna with others, we call FELLESKOK.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

When you book a KOK-CRUISE or PRIVATKOK (the private sauna by the shore), you can choose to buy cancellation insurance. You can then change or cancel the booking up to 12 hours before.

FellesKOK (the shared sauna) cannot be cancelled. But you can transfer the booking to another person if you wish. Read more in our terms and conditions.

Can we be one extra person on the boat?

Maximum capacity per boat is 10 people. If you are more than 10 people, we recommend booking two boats, then we will arrange it so that you get two boats next to each other.

Do you have changing rooms and showers on board?

We have changing rooms on the boats, but they are not very large. First and foremost, these are for changing clothes and resting en route, not for more extensive care and maintenance. We do not have a shower on board, but we find that our guests do not feel that they need a shower after visiting us and are comfortable with the feeling of salt water in their hair. And the more you sweat, the cleaner the sweat that pours out. This is also why it is so important to drink plenty of water along the way.


The time sloth you book (eg 18:00 to 20:00) is the time you have available on board the boat. This means that changing must also take place during this period. As a rule, there are bookings both immediately before and after, and you must therefore be off the boat before the booking time is over. Tip: It’s a good idea to wear swimwear under your clothes when you come to KOK, so you spend less time changing and more time in the sauna.

Can we bring alcohol into the sauna?

Yes, you are welcome to bring alcohol, but we have a limit of a maximum of 2 units per person. The alcohol restriction is primarily about safety. When you sweat as much as you do in a sauna, the alcohol affects you faster.

The combination of drunken people and the sea is a safety risk that we take seriously, and our sauna masters and skippers therefore have the right to turn guests away from the boat if they believe there is a risk to safety.

Strong spirits is not allowed, for the above reasons.

It is also important to avoid red wine, Aperol and other strongly colored beverages as this stains the wood.

Vinter badstue hamar

Can we store things at your place a couple of days in advance?

Our boats have limited storage space, and we therefore do not have the opportunity to store anything in advance of the booking.

Can I be on the waiting list?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to maintain a waiting list. The solution is to take a look at the website once in a while to see if any free times have opened up.

Can we bring children?

Young and older children have a great time at KOK and are extra welcome with us. Although a child may be small and may not take up much space, there is still a maximum limit of 10 people in the sauna and we do not have a discount for the little ones. Safety is important, so all children under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult who must also be present during the entire stay. On cruises we have life jackets for all adults, but not for children. If children are going on a cruise, parents must bring life jackets for the children.

Is it dangerous to take a sauna if you are pregnant?

Our experience with pregnant women in the sauna is good. In any case, we recommend that you contact your doctor before any visit to the sauna.

Are there any weather conditions?

Sometimes the ice is too thick or the wind too strong for us to carry out the KOK-Cruise. The booking will then be carried out at the quay at the same time. In extreme cases we have to cancel all bookings also at the quayside.

We follow the weather forecast and try to give notice in good time, but ask for your understanding that the weather does what it wants and weather conditions can change quickly.

If you have any more questions, you can contact you local KOK!