On this year’s International Women’s Day, and throughout March, KOK is marking solidarity with our sisters in Iran. And we need your help. The dawning struggle for liberation needs the eyes of the world community now directed towards the brave, feminist movement which is more than just a small flame. They stand on the edge of a revolution, and if the movement is to create a fire that burns down the tyranny, we have to give them our support and solidarity.

KOK was started with a desire to build a brand that cares, and that will be big enough to make a difference. Both in people’s lives, but also in a larger context.

In order to reach as many people as possible who want to help, in March we are collecting money for Amnesty in three different ways.

1: Join Spleis, support Amnesty, our goal is NOK 200,000!

2: Book a sauna session at KOK, where you can add a donation amount.

3: We donate 5% of the profit in March to Amnesty.


Amnesty International is the organization that best spreads insight and works for human rights in Iran. It is otherwise difficult to get money into the country to support the opposition, so we are betting on Amnesty.
Because there is hope here, and your contribution counts.

Amnesty is based on the idea that every person can make a difference – because it is useful when we stand together. They receive no support from states, and this means that they can always tell the truth about an incident or abuse of power.

Those who dare to rebel against those in power in Iran will have the freedom to live life on their own terms.
The regime responds with violence, threats and death sentences. The freedom that we so easily take for granted, women in Iran are now fighting a tremendously brave battle to achieve. Amnesty is there to help them.

We believe that since you have landed on this page, you will want to help, too. Know that your help goes to, among other things:

  • Investigate and expose violations of human rights
  • Inform the world and stop abuse of power
  • Protect the rights of people at risk


Now is the time. In September 2022, a young girl, Mahsa Amini, died after being in the custody of the so-called morality police, and since then the population has demonstrated against the oppressive regime.

Iranian women are rising up and demanding freedom, and you can actually help 90 million people be free. Free from a regime that beats little girls in the street for wearing the wrong headscarf.

“Woman, Life, Freedom” is the slogan that embraces the opposition to the curtailment of freedom that overshadows the lives of so many Iranians, and for many has done so all their lives.

Show your support for the brave ones that are fightingby donating to Amnesty.


In the documentary film HITCH – An Iranian Story, the country’s history is intertwined with family history in the wake of the Iranian revolution in 1979.

Revolutionaries who opposed Khomein were annihilated in silence. The daughter of one of those who was killed made this film. The regime in Iran still denies the grotesque crimes and tries to hide its tracks, but Hitch sets out in search of places, objects and gestures that can help break the silence. Anthropologist and filmmaker Chowri Makaremi invites you on a journey into the landscape left behind by political violence.