Rituals in the sauna

Rituals have been part of the sauna culture for all the centuries that a sauna culture has existed.
We now offer aufguss in the saunas at KOK, every Tuesday at Langkaia.

Time and place for aufguss

Where: The sauna island Saga at Langkaia.

When: For bookings that take place between 9.30 and 13.45. 

What is aufguss?

Aufguss is, in short, a multisensory well-being ritual, a harmonious dance of heat, steam and oils. Saunas serve a greater purpose than sweating alone, we have both heard and experienced.

It is an ancient form of aromatherapy with essential oils and steam circulated around the sauna using a towel, cloth or fan. Participating in an aufguss ritual is relaxing and refreshing, it opens the airways and pores in the skin, and you will feel mastery at the challenge of keeping calm in rising temperatures.

Now you can take part in this ritual at KOK, included in your booking at the times you see below.

Hva er aufguss