Sauna club at KOK

Sauna club, swimming club, or just “Badeklubb” as we call it at KOK, makes it easy to gather your favorite group of friends for a social gathering without spending a lot of time on logistics and choices. Loose plans often don´t happen, but with a sauna subscription with your friends, you´ll see them regularly and do something good for the body and mind as well! 

  1. Gather a group of close or looser friends.

  2.  Agree on one, two or more times for sauna per month.

  3. Decide who will be responsible for the invoice and the collecting of money.

  4. And look forward to many nice and social times in the near future, with refill of energy and relaxation in one lovely package.

The first 10 that sign up get 10 % discount on the first three months!

Sauna club in short

  • Subscribtion for private sauna for you and a group of friends

  • From 150 NOK per person per month

  • Room for 10 happy bathers in each sauna

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