Sustainable travel

Oslo is one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe, and tourist arrivals have nearly doubled over the last 10 years. Urban planners, politicians and businesses of different kinds, all work hard to reduce Oslo’s carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

Feriefølelse midt i uken

Spander en natt på hotell, ha lobby-kontor og nyt badstue og et oppkvikkende bad i Oslofjorden hos KOK på Langkaia i Bjørvika.

A weekend in the north

Freizeit explores Norway’s capital and discovers new places, good cuisine and unusual spots.

Destination Guide, Oslo

Hotels Above Par

This Nordic capital city is an underrated must-visit, teeming with one-of-a-kind hotels, a burgeoning art scene, and a spa culture that incorporates fjord jumping and floating saunas.