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Do you dream of a challenging job in a growing company? KOK is growing and needs more and more skilled people along for the journey. Perhaps you will find a position that suits you? Common to all positions at KOK is that we are passionate about creating the best possible experience for our guests, they are what we live for, and we want them to go ashore with satisfied smiles, clear heads and soft bodies 😊

Here you will find positions advertised for both the parent company KOK AS and daughter KOK Oslo AS. The difference is that KOK Oslo offers sauna experiences and develops in the Oslo region, while mother looks at further development and growth, both in Norway and in other countries that need some sauna heat 🔥

The floating saunas of KOK


KOK Oslo is looking for an experienced and driven general manager to take the helm of operations in Oslo. The right candidate is a master at putting together a durable team, and loves to create great experiences! 
Do you know someone who might be suitable for the position? We are announcing a finder's salary of NOK 10,000 in gift card at KOK to whoever finds the right manager for the team in Oslo!* 

team kok oslo

Team Manager

Vil du lede et team som skaper magiske opplevelser?

KOKs misjon er å skape dyp glede, sunne opplevelser og varige minner. Og for å gjøre gjestene glade må selvfølgelig folk som jobber her være glade. 

KOK Oslo har doblet besøkstallene for hvert år de siste 3 årene. Og vi har samme ambisjon for 2024. Den raske veksten gjør at vi stadig må jobbe med å optimalisere vaktlister og systemer for å opprettholde trivsel, kvalitet og effektivitet. 

Nå som vi vokser så fort er det derfor nødvendig å ansette en egen Team Manager.

Som Team Manager er de viktigste suksessfaktorene at du motiveres av å skape enestående gjesteopplevelser, spille laget gode, og at du er rå på struktur og planmessighet.

Håper det er deg! 

Skipper - KOK Oslo AS - Coming soon!

Do you have D5L and experience from passenger transport? We will soon be opening new positions as skippers on KOK. 

Save this as a bookmark! 

Oslos badeøy

Sauna master - KOK Oslo - Coming soon!

We will soon announce new positions for those of you who want to work as a sauna master. Follow along here or on our other channels!

*Finder's salary is paid after the position has been occupied for 3 months. If several people recommend the same candidate, the prize will be shared between them. The person who is hired cannot receive the finder's salary themselves, they gets access to the sauna at KOK anyway 😉