In the drop in sauna, or FELLESKOK as we call it, people gather for good conversations and relaxation. You can come alone or together with someone you know. To make sure you get the time you want, it´s wise to book in advance but you can also drop in if you have your swimwear with you.

The calendar for each location is separate, so it might be a good idea to check Aker Brygge if Langkaia is booked out.

Aker Brygge

Sauna by the bustling promenade, with a view over Akershus Festning and the archipelago.


Sauna in the centre of Oslo, with a view of the sunrise, the Opera House and Munch Museum.
Drop in sauna in Oslo

Drop in sauna in short

  • 1.5 hours including change

  • Up to 8 seats available

  • The sauna stays at the dock

  • Access to wireless stereo

  • Common changing room that you can see from the sauna

  • Access to cold water shower at the quay, but no toilets

  • Bring swimwear, two towels and water. You can also buy water at KOK

  • Brought alcohol is not allowed

  •  You can now buy towels on the quay

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