The experience of a sauna

Our most important task is to ensure that you have a wonderful experience in the sauna. At KOK, we welcome you to a bubble of presence, joy, warmth, coziness and a sense of mastery. Each sauna has a changing room door to door with the warm room, speakers where you can play music and decks or roofs where you can draw fresh air, and if you dare - jump off!

From the saunas at Langkaia you can see the sunrise, people walking on the Opera roof and maybe you can wave to those sitting at the top of Munch. The saunas at Aker brygge are located directly on the bustling promenade, but at the same time private and with a view of Hovedøya and Akershus Fortress.

Private sauna, or PRIVATKOK, that we like to call it, is a sauna all to yourself or together with someone you love or want to geek out or network with.

Sauna cruise, or KOKCRUISE as we call it, is just that – a sauna that transforms into a boat, and which takes you out on the fjord at a leisurely pace. The experience is nothing short of magical, say those who have tried it, and it doesn't matter if it's summer or winter. This nature experience is just as spectacular all year round.

If you book shared sauna, or FELLESKOK, you will share the sauna with the others who have booked the same time. Come as you are, alone or with a friend in hand, and meet other sauna enthusiasts. 

When you leave, we hope you will feel a renewed energy and calmness in your body. Being in a sauna in Oslo is an experience for both body, mind and soul.

Private sauna

Private sauna by the dock. Perfect for groups of friends, collagues and families.

Sauna cruise

A trip out on the fjord you will never forget. Just as beautiful and magical all year round!

Shared sauna

Share the sauna with up to 7 others. Meet new friends and feel refreshed and energized!

KOK for companies

Make a smoking hot company deal. That also makes the employees happy!

Gift card

Give a gift that's warming both when recieved and used!
Saunas social benefits

Sauna club

A subscription for private sauna. From NOK 150 per person per month.