Find peace and enjoy the beautiful views, while the sauna floats away and the stove crackles and steams. When a sauna transforms into a boat, magic happens. The sauna cruise, KOKCRUISE as we call it, is nothing less than just that – a magical experience that is just as good no matter the time of year. It's an absolutely wonderful activity to do with good friends, colleagues or family, whether you have something special to celebrate or just want to see Oslo from the best side, the sea side, and float around between the islands in the archipelago.

Aker Brygge

The sauna drives in slow mo from Aker Brygge and out between the little islands in the Oslo Fjord.



The sauna drives from Langkaia. The most urban nature experience!


Our skipper drives you out onto the fjord, and the journey is the destination. It doesn't go that fast, but that's not the point either. When you are completely boiled, ask the skipper to stop the sauna boat so you can cool off in the fresh water. Come back up, stand on the deck for a while and find your composure, control your breathing and lower your shoulders. Then you feel the endorphins flowing and the blood circulation do somersaults while you smile broadly with a sense of mastery and pure joy.

There's a separate calendar for each location, so it can be wise to check Aker Brygge if it's nothing available at Langkaia.

Sauna boat in Oslo

Sauna boat in short

  • 2 hours included changing

  • Be up to 10 people

  • Access to wireless stereo

  • Shared, small changing room in direct connection to the sauna

  • Access to cold water shower at Langkaia (in the summer), but not Aker Brygge. Just be aware that shower time steals from sauna time.

  • Bring swimwear, two towels and water. You can also buy water at KOK 

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