You are in for a real treat! Join us on a trip in the Oslofjord or Mjøsa and experience autumn at its best. Find peace with good friends, family or colleagues. Wide windows provide great views while the sauna floats away and the stove crackles and steams. 

Enjoy the steam with essential oils if you’d like and then, when you’re completely boiled, you ask the skipper to stop so you can cool off in the fresh water. When you come up, stand on the deck for a while and find your composure, control your breathing and lower your shoulders.
 You´ll feel the endorphins flowing and the blood circulation do somersaults while you giggle with a sense of mastery and pure joy.

We guarantee an experience you´ll never forget!

Cruise Aker Brygge

Cruise Langkaia

Cruise Hamar

Keep in mind that there are separate calendars for each location, and it may therefore be a good idea to check Aker Brygge if,
for example, Langkaia is full. Or take the train to Hamar and experience beautiful Mjøsa and sunset in autumn colors.
Only five minutes to walk from the train station!

Badstue cruise Oslo


  • Want a spectacular nature experience on the water

  • Have something special to celebrate, or just want to treat yourself to some everyday magic

  • Are you a group of friends, a couple, a family or a company

  • Is a group of up to 10 people


  • 2 hours

  • Space for 10 people

  • A knowledgeable skipper who will take you safely away

  • Access to stereo system with wireless connection

  • Changing room with space for belongings and a bench to relax on


  • Most of the boats have an electric engine, the aim is that all of them will eventually have green propulsion.

  • The boats all have a roof terrace except for Morild, which also has a slightly smaller sauna. It is not possible to choose a boat as our booking system is today

  • Feel free to bring children, just remember that it is the adults who are responsible for their safety on board and they must be watched at all times.

  • Sometimes there are things that don’t work on the boat, such as the stereo or other small things. This will not result in a refund of payment.

  • The road is the destination of a KOK cruise and we float away at a couple of knots. Therefore, the range is limited.

  • The skipper can make suggestions for nice rounds to take. Or maybe you want to visit one of the charming local restaurants along the water, or be dropped off somewhere special?

  • Worried you’ll have to cancel? You can buy cancellation insurance when you book.

  • If the boat trip is canceled due to weather restrictions or something else, the booking will be changed to PRIVATKOK by the quay and you will be refunded the deposit for the services.