Frequently asked questions

About booking

There can be several reasons for this.

  1. It´s full. In that case, try another time, date or location.
  2. There are issues with verifying your bank details. If you experience problems at the finish line, you can try another card or wait a bit. The booking is not complete until you receive a confirmation email.
  3. There can be a bug on the website. Try refreshing the page (maybe even change your browser) and try again. Sometimes the page bugs when changing languages, so try to keep the same language throughout the whole order process. Continue the process (4 steps) until you enter your card details. And when you press pay, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Hope to see you at KOK in the near future!


Service cancellation rights does not apply for individual services that take place at a specific time or within a specific period, cf. the Right of Cancellation Act § 19. A booking with KOK follows the same principle as if you buy a cinema, concert or plane ticket. 

You do, however, have the option of buying cancellation insurance for the sauna cruise (NOK 420) and the private sauna (NOK 290). With cancellation insurance, you can move or cancel your booking up to 12 hours before it starts. The shared sauna, cannot be canceled or moved.

Changes and cancellation can be made with link and address in the confirmation email. 

If you are wondering anything more about cancellation, you can read more in our terms and conditions.

All our times are in the calendar. If you can't find the time you want, there is unfortunately nothing available. But if you find that an appointment has been booked far in advance, there may be a bug in the calendar. Then we would appreciate it if you let us know.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to maintain a waiting list. The solution is to have a look at the website once in a while to see if any free times have opened up.

We have drop-in every day at all locations. The service some call drop-in, where you buy individual seats in the sauna together with others, we call FELLESKOK. It is possible to take a chance to come to the private sauna without booking, but we would strongly recommend that you book in advance. Especially in the evenings and at weekends it gets full quickly, so if you have a time in mind, we recommend securing it by booking in advance.

Maximum capacity for the private sauna and the cruise is 10 people. If you are more than 10 people, we recommend booking two boats. Send an email with the desired time, date and location to, and we will arrange it so that you get two boats next to each other, or more if you need it

That´s not an option, no.  

Yes, we have two locations in Oslo. One at Langkaia and one at Aker Brygge.
Read carefully which location applies to your booking, so you don't risk making a mistake and arriving late for your booking.

Sauna when pregnant

About the visit

It sucks that you do not get to use the entire booking due to a delay, but the booking is in the system. Contact the sauna master or skipper when you arrive at your location.

On arrival you will be welcomed by either the sauna master or the skipper on the quay. They will show you to the sauna you are going to use, and you will get a short introduction to the sauna. You will recognize our employees by their logoed clothing, and that they are near the saunas at all times.

Our boats have limited storage space, and we therefore do not have the opportunity to store anything before or after the booking. During the booking you can store your belongings in the changing room.

You can store the things you take with you to the sauna in the changing room. The sauna has two rooms, a changing room and the sauna itself. You can always see your things from the sauna itself.

You can do that in the changing room. That´s a room in front of the sauna where everyone who is going to a sauna changes together, but the rooms are not very large. First and foremost, these are for changing clothes and resting en route, not for more extensive care and maintenance. A good trick to save both time and some changing space is to wear swimwear under your clothes before you get to the sauna.

The time you book (eg 18:00 to 20:00) is the time you have available on board the boat. This means that changing and showering must also take place during this period. As a rule, there are bookings both immediately before and after, and you have left the boat before the booking time is over. The sauna master and skipper will let you know when it's time to change.

Now in the winter, we don't have showers because the water might freeze in the pipes. We do find that many guests do not feel that they need a shower after visiting us and are comfortable with the feeling of salt water in their hair. A sauna session works so that the more you sweat, the cleaner liquid you sweat. This is also why it is so important to drink plenty of water along the way.

No, we don't. In Aker Brygge there are toilets in the nearby restaurants. And at Langkaia, the nearest toilet is at the library.

We have hamam towels for sale (approx 350 NOK) 
But no swimwear (yet) so remember to bring that!

You can read more about the visit at KOK and what to bring here.

Our sauna masters clean the saunas after each booking and if they find forgotten items, these are stored in the sauna for a period of time. If you have forgotten something, you can visit the sauna you have been in, and one of our sauna masters will help you.

About safety

On the sauna cruise we have life jackets for all adults in both locations. We also have 3 life jackets for kids at Aker Brygge, and 3 at Langkaia. If you or someone in the party needs a life jacket due to lack of swimming skills or the like, this must be brought on your own.

Children have a great time at KOK and are extra welcome with us. Safety is important, so all children under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult who must also be present during the entire stay. We have life jackets for the sauna cruise, so we cannot guarantee that there are life jackets available for your booking if you have booked a private sauna or are in s shared one by the quay.

Our experience with doing sauna when pregnant is good. In any case, we recommend that you contact your doctor before any visit to the sauna, just to feel safe that sauna when pregnant is safe for you and your baby. 

Sometimes the ice is too thick or the wind too strong for us to carry out the sauna cruise. The booking will then be carried out at the quay at the same time and the deposit refunded.
In extreme cases we have to cancel all bookings also at the quayside.
We follow the weather forecast and try to notify you of changes to the booking well in advance, but ask for your understanding that the weather does what it wants and weather conditions can change quickly.

The water quality in general in the inner Oslofjord gets a thumbs up from the municipality, but they advise against swimming for a day after heavy rain. Heavy rain is defined as more than 1 mm per hour. 

Rainy weather is beyond our control, but it is natural that you want to cool down after a sauna. We have showers at Langkaia and a rinsing hose at Aker Brygge (working with a shower there too), for those who do not want to bathe when it has rained. If you still want to jump in, it is recommended to be careful with your head under water, and not swim with open wounds. 

Food and drinks

For the private sauna and the sauna cruise you´re welcome to enjoy alcohol, but it´s not allowed for the shared sauna. For the first two, we have a limit of a maximum of 2 units per person. The alcohol restriction is primarily about safety. When you sweat as much as you do in a sauna, the alcohol affects you faster. The combination of drunken people and the sea is a safety risk that we take seriously, and our sauna masters and skippers therefore have the right to turn guests away from the boat if they believe there is a risk to safety.

Strong spirits is not allowed, for the reasons mentioned.

It is also important to avoid red wine, Aperol and other strongly colored beverages as this stains the wood.

Food is not permitted inside the sauna, but you are welcome to enjoy snacks etc. in the changing room or outdoors.

We do! We sell bottles of 0.5 litres on both our locations. It´s wise to make sure you drink plenty of water before you come to the sauna to avoid dehydration, and that you also have at least 1 litre available to drink while in the sauna.  

Do you have questions to which you can't find the answer? Contact us here.