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The KOK experience is for everyone, and our most important task is to make people happy.

We hope to be able to bring that through a sensory experience where water, cold, heat and pure joy merge together. KOK wants to contribute to a good city life, healthy outdoor experiences all year round, and make it possible to swim regardless of the season.

Below you can see the video about when KOK celebrated our 5th anniversary in February 2023. It´s in Norwegian, but maybe you´ll be inspired regardless of the language. You can also read a little about our history, and see what others have written.

If you want to write about us, you can browse our press kit for pictures, and contact us by e-mail.

History hour

KOK was founded by Kristin Lorange in 2017. After 13 years as a commercial pilot, she had a desire to start for herself and build an organization based on values that we ned more of in society. Sustainability, community, diversity and closeness to nature, to name a few.

She got the inspiration for the concept on a work-trip to floating saunas in Stockholm’s archipelago, together with a sauna-loving team of pilots. Kristin did not like either the sauna or cold water, but found the combination extremely invigorating.
Then and there she decided that more people had to experience this intoxicating joy!

With her on the team to start KOK she had, among others, Paal Mangerud. With Kristin’s background as a pilot and Paal’s experience over many years in politics, culture and nightlife, they had a good ground for creating an exciting business with a solid rig.

The first sauna boat was launched at Langkaia in February 2018. At the time, Kristin was pregnant with her son Nordahl, worked full-time as a pilot and built the small business that has now become KOK Oslo. It was tough in the beginning, and people were skeptical of both the concept and the area. Few visited Bjørvika at that time, and even fewer plunged into the black, dark harbor pool in midwinter.

In 2019, Kristin decided to go all in on KOK. Leaving a secure position as a pilot with a good salary to go for an uncertain entrepreneurial life felt like a big risk. Fortunately, she has never regretted it. There are few female pilots in Norway, but too few female entrepreneurs as well! By following her new dream, Kristin will continue to make a difference and inspire others to believe in themselves.

In the transition to 2020, KOK separated operations in KOK Oslo from concept owner and franchisor KOK Norge.

There are now 9 KOK-saunas in Oslo, split between 4 at Aker Brygge and 5 at Langkaia, surrounding the  Saga sauna island. 

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