Visit our floating saunas in Oslo

There is hardly any better way to enjoy Oslo than from a floating sauna. Here you will get a small guide to the floating saunas of KOK, which you will find in central Oslo at Aker Brygge and Langkaia.

Locals love this, and so do visitors. Getting really warm in a hot sauna before taking a refreshing dip in the fjord will make lasting memories.

The name KOK means "to cook" in Norwegian. And in 80 degrees celsius, you probaly will, a little bit. But it also means, "now it's boiling", as in "now we're having a good time". And we really hope you will!

The floating saunas of KOK

The floating saunas of KOK

At Langkaia you'll find our sauna island that we call Saga. Here lies 5 floating saunas with a view of the Opera House, and the Much museum, and with plenty of sightseeing and dining opportunities in Bjørvika to visit after KOK. Sauna makes you hungry, you see!

At Aker Brygge lies 4 saunas out on a pier, with a view of the near achipelago in Oslo, and the Akershus fortress. In the morning you'll find a special calmness in Aker Brygge, and at night, it's perfect to combine sauna with socialicing.

Illustrasjon: Visit one of the floating saunas of KOK

What to pack for the sauna

  • Remember swiwear!
  • Bring 2 towels, one to sit on (mandatory) and one to dry yourself with.
  • Bag for wet swimwear.
  • A big bottle of water. In case you forget, we have water for sale at KOK.
  • Smykker, mobiler og briller blir varme i badstuen og kan skades eller skade huden. De er også lette å glemme, så vi råder til å la dem være igjen hjemme, eller oppbevare i en liten pose.
  • We recommend wearing swimwear under your clothes when you arrive, so you save time changing.
  • And feel free to wear loose clothing. Tight jeans are not so easy to put on after a sauna!

Our cancellation policy in short

The booking can only be cancelled or changed if you have the cancellation insurance for the private sauna or the sauna cruise. The shared sauna cannot be changed or cancelled.

Changes can be made up to 12 hours before with a link in the confirmation email. Read more in our terms and conditions.


Guide to the floating saunas in Oslo

Before the visit

Please drink water before coming to KOK to avoid dehydration. 

Food and drinks

In addition to water, you can bring alcohol with you to the private sauna and the sauna cruise, if you'd like. Alcohol is not permitted in the shared sauna. For the former, we ask for moderation and a maximum of two units per person. This is for your own and others' well-being and safety. Our sauna masters have the right to remove visibly intoxicated guests from the boat. Alcohol is not allowed at KOK. Avoid drinks with strong dyes, such as red wine, Aperol and cola, as this leaves marks on the wood.

At Langkaia you can buy Bath swabsa light beer that tastes lovely in the sauna. 

Food in the sauna is not allowed, but you can bring snacks etc. which can be enjoyed outdoors or in the front room.

Floating sauna in Oslo, Aker Brygge

The sauna

Our saunas are wood-fired and provide very good heat, so most people who visit us take a dip in the sea after a while. This is of course completely voluntary, but the feeling that stays in the body and soul afterwards is hard to beat.

The sauna is built for 10 people, and some would prefer to be fewer for more leg room.

Om board the sauna you'll find:

  • Wireless stereo

  • A small, shared changing room in direct connection with the sauna. Here you can keep your belongings. 

  • A ladder - if you don't love to jump.

During the visit

On arrival at KOK, your group will be met by a pleasant sauna master. They will give you an introduction to the boat and the sauna, and ensure that there is wood and water for the stones during the entire visit. If you have any questions along the way, you can ask the sauna master. All our sauna masters have a water lifesaving course.

If you are going on a sauna cruise, one of our skippers will take you on a trip out into the fjord. The skipper is well-known in the area and, depending on the weather and wind, they has suggestions for routes that are worth experiencing.

Floating sauna in Oslo, Langkaia

After the visit

We hope all our guests have wonderful and unique experiences at KOK. If you want to share on social media, we'd love to share on our accounts!

After you have been with us, you will receive an email where you can leave a star(s) and a few words if you want.
We really appreciate feedback both there and on Google.

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