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At KOK, we're constantly trying to find out what will make our guests even more satisfied. A light beer that tastes fresh and doesn't go straight to your head, we thought was a good idea! 
So now you can enjoy KOK Badstupils in the saunas at Langkaia. 

Badstupilsen is a light beer with 2.4% alcohol, so there's no limit to how many you can pour. But even light beers can make you a little tipsy in the heat, so we recommend not overdoing it. The best way to quench your thirst in the sauna is still water! And we have bottled water for sale at both Langkaia and Aker Brygge. So you don't have to run to the kiosk in nothing but your swimwear if you forget to bring your own. But back to Badstupils!

Badstupils is light and fresh and is perfect for KOK, especially after salty sea baths and hot Aufguss. The beer is brewed by our friends at Oslo Brewing Company. And OBC doesn't just make good and fun beer, they also share our love for Tiger City. Who doesn't love a brand that talks about our city like that:

The City

This beer is for our city.

For its brilliant short summers,

its wild snowy winters,

its waterfalls and festivals,

for the people and great times.

Feel alive in Oslo.

The word Badstupils is trademarked and owned by KOK AS, and eventually Badstupils by KOK will also be available elsewhere in the country. "We're pretty sure that in the future, more and more people will be looking for good ways to socialize and have a good time, preferably in a sauna wherever you are, without getting a little tired the next day. That means we need more good non-alcoholic options, and we think Badstupils is the perfect balance in between. Cheers!

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Psst! Your opinion is always important when we're developing something new, so we asked our followers at Instagram about the final choice on the label. There you could choose between the light and the dark version, and the dark one won by 2% percent! We are super happy and hope you will be too!

KOK Bath swabs
KOK Bath swabs