Sustainability at KOK

KOK Oslo is super proud to have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag environmental certification in 2024 for the fourth year in a row!

Not only that, but we are one of only two boat companies in Scandinavia to have achieved this. 

Every year we have to be recertified, and if we don't meet the criteria, the flag has to be lowered and removed. And we'd rather not do that. Not just because flags are cool (yes, true), but because we want to show that we care. 

Of course, other forms of sustainability are also important to KOK.

Part of the reason we started was that we wanted to be part of the solution rather than the problem.
But are we? And if not - how can we be?

We want to uncover this and are currently working on, among other things, a sustainability report with climate accounting. In the meantime, you can watch the video below about what Blue Flag is and what must be in place for a company to be certified. 

Sustainability and Blue Flag

The Blue Flag program was launched in France in 1985 and in the rest of Europe from 1987. The aim was to encourage beaches to comply with the EU's Bathing Water Directive. In 2001, South Africa became the first country outside Europe to join. Read more about this development at Blue Flag International homepage.

Blue Flag is an environmental certificate for beaches, marinas and sustainable activity boats. It is awarded annually to over 4,000 beaches, marinas and boats in 46 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South and North America.

The purpose of the Blue Flag is to help promote sustainable development at beaches, marinas and among providers of sustainable boat trips. This is done through strict requirements for environmental management, water quality, safety and service, as well as environmental education and information.

The fact that a beach, marina or boat has been awarded the Blue Flag means that guests can feel safe in terms of both water quality and safety. Guests receive visible proof that the surroundings and operation of the beach, marina or boat are taken care of in the best possible way.

The Blue Flag is also a tool for the municipality and owner to show that they take responsibility for sustainability and the environment in and around the area in question, and that they want to promote environmentally sound behavior in the municipality's recreational areas. The Blue Flag also highlights the efforts made in terms of bathing water monitoring, safety, service and environmental management for guests.

Blue Flag in Norway is governed by FEE Norway Foundation, org. 980 719 839

To achieve Blue Flag status and fly the blue flag, an application must be made every year. 

The Norwegian Blue Flag season runs from June 23 to August 31.

In 2022, 18 beaches, three marinas and 8 boats (from Kragerø Taxibåt and KOK Oslo) were able to hoist and sail with the Blue Flag.

Do you want to learn more about oceans, sustainability, weather and wind?

Find KOK Magazine here where you can read more.

Sustainability at KOK

From when we received our first sustainability award, the Blue Flag in 2021!