Rituals in the sauna

Rituals have been part of the sauna culture for as long as there has been a sauna culture.
Come join us for aufguss at KOK!


Where: The sauna island at Langkaia

When: Tuesdays for bookings between 9.30 AM and 1.45 PM

Aufguss is, in short, a multisensory well-being ritual, a harmonious dance of heat, steam and fragrance. Saunas serve a greater purpose than sweating alone, we have both heard and experienced.

It is an ancient form of aromatherapy with essential oils and steam circulated around the sauna using a towel, cloth or fan. Participating in an aufguss ritual is relaxing and refreshing, it opens the airways and pores in the skin, and you will feel mastery at the challenge of keeping calm in rising temperatures.

What is aufguss

Yoga/Stretching in the sauna

Where: The sauna island at Langkaia

When: Thursdays for bookings between 9.30 AM and 15.30 PM

Yoga is the perfect way to unwind a little before the week-end. Start your sauna booking with a 20 minute yoga session on deck at Langkaia with our instructor Mei. If the weather is not on our side, Mei eill guide you to a good stretch inside the sauna. Your murcles and joints will thank you later!

Level: all inclusive, no levels, come as you are

Sauna rituals


Where: Coming!

When: More info is coming soon! 

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