A visit at KOK is an experience that fills you with energy and a feeling of wellbeing. We recommend all our guests to leave the world behind, relax, and enjoy your time at KOK.


What do i bring?

We recommend drinking lots of water before you visit us to avoid dehydration.

Please check updated health and safety measures before you arrive: Public health information

What you should bring to your visit:

  • Swimwear
  • 2 towels, one to sit on and one to dry yourself 
  • A bag for wet clothes
  • Plenty of water.  Unfortunately, we don’t sell drinks onboard.

Jewelry can get hot and burn your skin, and is easy to forget, so we advise you to leave that at home.

food and drink

In addition to water and other beverages, you may also bring a little wine or beer. Alcoholic beverages must be limited to two units per person. The limitations are for your own and our staff’s safety and well being.

Our sauna masters may ask visibly intoxicated people to leave the premises. We don’t allow liquor or colorful beverages like red wine, Aperol or cola due to the risk of staining the wood interior. 

You may bring food og snacks to be enjoyed outdoors or in the changing room. 

For hygienic reasons please do not bring any edibles into the sauna.



On arrival at KOK, you will be welcomed by a sauna master. The sauna master will be your host through the whole visit, and is a qualified lifeguard. They will introduce you to the boat and the sauna, and provide water and firewood throughout the visit.

If you have booked a cruise, one of our skippers will guide you through your trip on the Oslo fjord.


Our Finnish, wood burning sauna ovens provide excellent heat, so most of our visitors choose to take a bath to cool off after a while. There is no pressure, but we do recommend a dip to experience the exhilarating afterglow this usually brings.

The sauna can take 10 people.


KOKs sauna boats have a changing area with storage space. It is also possible to play your own music through our wireless music system. 

Unfortunately, there are no showers or toilets onboard.